Plastic Surgery After Breast Cancer Surgery

Almost every patient that visits our facility asks us this question!

Whether we are planning to remove their entire breast with mastectomy or we are planning a breast-conserving surgery, they all have this question.

Today, we will discuss when to do plastic surgery after breast surgery in this blog. So let’s begin


Dr. Jay Anam

Breast Cancer Specialist in Mumbai

We perform breast cancer surgery to cure breast cancer.

So either we have to remove the entire breast (Mastectomy) or the tumour, and the safe margin (breast-conserving surgery).

Now it’s very important to understand that although it’s a life-saving surgery, it’s a mutilating surgery for a woman. It can have a psychological effect on the woman. Only the women who have experienced this surgery will understand its impact.

So before performing the surgery, we request our patients to imagine themselves standing in front of a mirror and seeing themselves with one breast removed or a part of one breast removed.

A lot of patients do not want themselves to be seen as such in front of society.

So we strongly recommend doing breast reconstruction or oncoplasty (partial breast reconstruction) in the same sitting as the breast cancer surgery.

There are multiple benefits of this approach. Here are a few of them:

  •   Cosmetic results are better in this case as compared to the cases when the plastic surgery is done after 1 or two years
  •   When a patient sees herself in the mirror, she feels complete and confident
  •   It’s cost-effective as two operations in a single sitting will obviously help cut the operating costs.

This does not mean the patient must undergo whole breast reconstruction surgery. It all depends on a personal choice.

If you have medically unfit for an extensive reconstruction procedure, or you are comfortable wearing an external prosthesis, then maybe you may avoid whole breast reconstruction.

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Closing thoughts

In short, if you are planning to get plastic surgery for full or partial breast reconstruction, it’s advisable to get it done at the same time as the breast cancer surgery. It can help you save money and go under the blade two tṣimes.

We hope this has cleared all your doubts about the topic. If you need more information, feel free to get in touch. We will surely help you out with all the necessary information

If you are looking for a breast cancer surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Jay Anam is the person you are looking for. He has more than 15 years of experience. Dr. Jay Anam has Completed his M.Ch. Surgical Oncology training from Tata Memorial Centre. 

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