What is Breast Reconstruction?

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgery is performed. Sometimes, this cosmetic breast reconstruction can be done in stages.

Whole breast reconstruction can be done by breast implants or else using own body tissue in the form of free flaps.

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Partial breast reconstruction is done by use of oncoplasty principles, whereby breast reconstruction can be done in the same sitting.

Cosmetic breast reconstruction after excision of the tumour is possible immediately (immediate reconstruction). Or it can be planned a few months or even years later (delayed reconstruction).

Beauty is in symmetry. Hence some sort of cosmetic surgery for both breasts may be necessary. Alternatively, your doctor can replace one breast and recontour the other, so that both are symmetrical.

Your doctor can advise the best options that are optimum with respect to your tumour site, size, size of the breast and above all your expectations.

In this video, Dr. Jay Anam will explain When to do plastic surgery after breast cancer surgery

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Who needs Breast Reconstruction surgery?

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Every lady who has undergone breast cancer surgery should be offered breast reconstruction options.

We have enough studies to prove that breast cancer surgery with good cosmetic outcomes can help a patient to attain a positive body image and sexuality.

How Breast Reconstruction Surgery is Done? 

  • Before the procedure :

Reconstruction of the breast follows after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Your surgeon will inquire about your expectations and provide input on the range of procedures available.

Your surgeon will first do a thorough evaluation of your health. Your breasts will be measured and photographed.

Share information about your current health status, current medicines, and past surgeries with your healthcare professional. Before a medical treatment, your doctor may urge you to stop taking certain drugs.

  • During the procedure :

In a medical facility, a surgeon will reconstruct your breasts. You won’t be awake throughout the procedure since you’ll receive anaesthesia to make you sleep. Your surgeon will do the mastectomy or lumpectomy if you have one.

Breast reconstruction surgery may be done while you sleep. Chest implant reconstruction involves the insertion of a prosthetic device into the patient.

With a flap treatment, your surgeon will remove breast tissue from one area of your body, shape and implant it in a new location.

  • After the procedure :

Depending on the complexity of your operation, you may need to spend anywhere from one day to a week recovering in the hospital. Your healthcare team will keep tabs on you to ensure you recover well.

A surgical bra may be worn. The bra will help keep your breasts in place and decrease swelling while they recover. Your doctor or nurse will give you discharge instructions so you can continue caring for yourself at home.

After surgery, your doctor will help you cope with the discomfort. They could suggest taking a pain reliever, either something you can get over the counter or something you need a prescription for.

To get the most out of your medicine, always remember to follow your doctor’s directions.

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Pros & Cons of Breast Reconstruction surgery

The pros of undergoing breast reconstruction surgery are as follows:

  • Breast cancer surgery can be quite mutilating, when reconstruction is done in the same sitting, the patient can avoid seeing herself in this mutilated state.
  • Due to the reduced number of surgical procedures, you will need fewer hospital visits, fewer admissions and need for general anaesthesia.
  • The surgeon is typically able to utilize all the normal breast skin, which may improve the final appearance of your breast.
  • In selected cases, even nipple-sparing mastectomies can be done.

The cons of undergoing breast reconstruction surgery include:

  • Reconstruction requires more time spent during the surgery and also in recovery than a simple mastectomy.

Health education on Breasts is a must-read topic for every woman


After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgery may help patients feel better about themselves and their bodies. Breast reconstruction is a very individual choice.

Talk to your doctor about which surgical approach would be best for you if you decide to go through this procedure. 

Communicate openly and honestly about your motivations, habits, and preferred physical attributes. You speed up your healing, be sure to do what your doctor tells you to.

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