Health Education on Breast Care

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Breast education

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in their life span. Maintaining the good health of your breasts is very important. 

Ladies at large, are still not fully aware of how to maintain good breast health.

Taking care of your breast is never an overwhelming task, it simply comes with positive change in lifestyle, food habits etc. 

Here, Dr. Jay Anam will tell you how to take care of your breast health and why it is important.



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Why is it important?

For many people, being aware of their breast health is overwhelming and unnecessary.

But they do not know that taking care of their breast health, and knowledge of self-examination for breast cancer is the key element that can save them by early diagnosis of a life-threatening disease like breast cancer. 

Women who are equipped with the knowledge of how to take care of breasts and how to self-examine for different breast problems are more likely to have a low risk of breast cancer.

You may also want to know, what are breast lumps & how to differentiate between cancerous ones.

Self Examination of Breast

how to do Self examination of breasts

Being aware of breast health is very important to live a healthy life and detect early signs of breast cancer.

Also, self-examination of the Breast is a crucial part of maintaining your breast health.

When you closely observe your breast, you will be able to identify small changes in the breast. Therefore, you will also be able to inform your doctor about any change if you do not feel right about it.

Self-examination of the breast once a month is enough to identify any change.

Issues to notice while self-examining :

  • Redness, darkening, warmth or swelling in your breast.
  • Lesions, Rash on the breast.
  • Changing the shape or size of your breast.
  • Hardening of your breast, lump in the breast.
  • Discharge from the nipple. 
  • Sharp pain in a specific area of your breast. 

If you face any of the above-mentioned issues in the self-examination, you should immediately inform your doctor.

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Common breast-related complaints

    Health education on Breast care

    Here, we will enlist some common breast problems for your help.

    –  Cyst

    Cyst is a common problem in women between the age of 40-50. Usually, the patient complains of a painful breast lump.

    A cyst is generally harmless though sometimes it may cause pain and uneasiness.

    Mainly cysts disappear with time or the doctor can drain the fluid inside the cyst with a fine needle.

    To make sure the cyst is not cancerous you need to consult with your doctor.

    –  Breast Pain

    Another common breast problem is pain. The change in hormones, hormone therapy, menstrual cycle etc can cause breast pain.

    The pain can sometimes get worse after physical activities.

    –  Fibroadenomas

    Fibroadenomas are a kind of lump in the breast. It is generally considered a harmless condition.

    Fibroadenomas develop from overlapping fibrosis or Glandular tissues.

    They appear smooth and flexible. This is a common problem in 20-30 years old women.

    Pregnant women are also prone to developing Fibroadenomas.

    –  Extra Nipple

    Many women are born with extra nipples but they are harmless.

    You can remove them with the help of doctors.

    –  Nipple Discharge


    Nipple Discharge is sometimes not considered a problem. Because women who are breastfeeding can leak milk during feeding and after stopping breastfeeding.

    But if you are not breastfeeding or pregnant and face issues like discharge from one nipple, blood-stained or watery discharge contact your doctor immediately.

    If you have even the slightest doubt,
    it’s always better to just consult

    –  Cracked and Sore Nipple :

    Sore, painful and cracked nipples are common in breastfeeding.

    But if you are not breastfeeding and develop cracked and sore nipples, do consult with your doctor.

    –  Inverted Nipple :

    Women can develop inverted nipples after stopping breastfeeding or by birth.

    But if these factors do not resonate with your nipple inversion, immediately notify your doctor.



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    How to Prevent Breast Related Problems ?

    Another benefit of Breast education for health and awareness is to prevent potential breast problems in the very beginning.

    Early detection and treatment can save you from various breast problems which include some fatal health problems like breast cancer.

    But if you take care of your breast and maintain good health of your breast, you can successfully cut the rate of breast problems occurring in your lifetime.

    Here are some ways to prevent breast problems.

    • Drink lots of water

    Drinking water has tons of benefits and breast health is one of them. Drinking lots of water keeps your body hydrated and improves blood circulation which is beneficial for breast health.

    • Eat healthy veggies

    Healthy veggies are also helpful in keeping many breast problems at bay. Green veggies, legumes, beans, and carrots are very beneficial for breast health and lower the risk of breast cancer and other breast problems.

    • Stop smoking

    Smoking is harmful to health as well as breast health. Women who smoke have a high risk of breast cancer. If you are facing any problem with your breasts, you should stop smoking, including passive smoking.

    • Cut out Alcohol consumption

    Alcohol intake is not a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Too much consumption of alcohol also increases the risk of breast problems.

    • Avoid taking contraceptive pills

    Contraceptives are harmful to women’s health and increase breast problems, especially in older women. Discuss with your doctor other contraception options.


    Breast problems such as breast cancer do not occur in a single day, they take months and sometimes even years to up-stage.

    Awareness and breast education helps women to break the stigma associated with breast ailments and come forth to seek help.

    If you are looking for a breast cancer surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Jay Anam is the person you are looking for.

    Dr. Jay Anam has Completed his M.Ch. Surgical Oncology training from Tata Memorial Centre. He did his Fellowship in Breast Oncology from Centre Oscar Lambret, Lille, France.

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