Cost of Breast Reconstruction in India

Women who have had breast cancer surgery in the form of partial mastectomy or complete removal of the breasts (mastectomy) are candidates for the surgical procedure known as breast reconstruction.

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Average Cost of Breast Reconstruction in India

In India, the cost of breast reconstruction surgery often exceeds more than Rs 80,000.

It may typically vary between Rs. 100,000 to 500,000 in private hospitals, based on the kind of surgery and the hospital facility where it is carried out.

The cost may double if it is done for ladies with hereditary breast cancers where both breasts are reconstructed in the same sitting.

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Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is often recommended following breast cancer therapy for several reasons:

  • Restores a woman’s natural proportions and balance : 

A woman undergoing a mastectomy may worry that her body no longer fits or has a feminine shape.

If she has lost confidence in her body due to an unbalanced look, breast reconstruction might help her regain that confidence

  • Regains a woman’s feeling of self-worth and self-confidence :

Since the breasts are symbolic of a woman’s femininity, their removal may have a profound effect on a woman’s sense of pride and self-worth.

If a woman has had breast cancer treatment, breast reconstruction might help her regain her confidence.

  • Offers several customization possibilities for women :

The time and the technique of breast reconstruction surgery may be tailored to the individual patient.

Now that plastic surgeons have more alternatives, they can better meet the demands of their patients and achieve their ideal results for each unique treatment.

This option allows women to tailor their experience to get their desired outcomes.

  • Offers Remarkable and Long-Lasting Outcomes: 

No matter whether a woman chooses to use synthetic implants or her tissue, the outcomes of breast reconstruction surgery are quite lifelike and may restore a lady’s self-esteem.

Most women who have these operations do not experience any complications and do not need any follow-up surgeries.

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Average price chart of  Breast Reconstruction Surgery in metropolitan cities 

City Average Price (Rs.) Price range (min-max) (Rs.)
Bangalore 125000 100000-150000
Pune 150000 150000-300000
Chennai 120000 100000-150000
Noida 175000 150000-200000
Gurgaon  225000 150000-300000
Mumbai 250000 150000-300000
Hyderabad 125000 100000-150000
Delhi 200000 150000-250000


Different types of Breast Reconstruction Surgery & their Cost

Following a mastectomy, a woman might choose between two distinct methods of breast reconstruction.

Flap Reconstruction :

Flap reconstruction involves your surgeon using your tissue to restore your breast. Tissue is often taken from the patient’s lower abdomen.

It may also arise from the buttocks, the back, or the thigh. In India, the cost of flap repair surgery ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 1,00,000.

A new breast may be created by taking tissue from these areas and rearranging it with the help of your surgeon.

The flap is the medical term for this kind of tissue. Sometimes, surgeons may move a flap into your body (pedicled flap).

As a result, the flap can keep its blood supply. They may also free the flap by cutting off its blood supply and attaching it to your chest’s blood arteries.

Following are some types of flap reconstruction :

  • DIEP flap 
  • TRAM flap
  • Latissimus dorsi (LD) flap 
  • IGAP flap 
  • SGAP flap 
  • PAP flap 
  • TUG flap
  • SIEA flap (or SIEP flap)

Implant Reconstruction :

Surgeons may utilize silicone or saline implants in implant reconstruction.

In some instances, implants and bodily tissue are combined by surgeons. A mastectomy may be performed in combination with implant reconstruction.

Alternatively, you might get this treatment after a mastectomy if you so want. Dental implant restoration surgery in India costs about Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 5,00,000.

Here are some types of implant reconstruction:

  • Under the chest muscle: 

The implant is positioned behind the chest muscle, which the surgeon lifts.

  • Above the chest muscle: 

The implant will be positioned above your chest muscle by your surgeon. Since your chest muscle is still there, you may not require as much time to recuperate.

  • Implant with tissue expander: 

To make room for more tissue, your surgeon inserts an expander under your skin. You or your healthcare practitioner will need to add saline to the expander around once per week.

You notice that your skin will stretch. After your skin has grown sufficiently to conceal the implant, your doctor will implant it.

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Expert breast cancer surgeons will sit down with you to go through your alternatives for breast reconstruction surgery and help you choose the method that will positively impact your life.

Patients who choose reconstructive surgery benefit not only from the skill and expertise of the doctors but also from the kindness and understanding with which they are treated.

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