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Dr. Jay believes that aesthetic breast cancer surgery
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Patient Education: Breast Cancer Guide

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Different people have different symptoms. However, some common symptoms include a lump, change in color, shape or size, etc.

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Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is caused due to the mutations in the DNA of breast cells. The risk of these mutations can be increased due to many reasons.

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Treatment of Breast Cancer

The treatment of breast cancer depends upon various factors like your age, overall health, stage, and preferences.

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Do You Feel Like You Have Breast Cancer? Don’t Worry!

Read this short, simple, guide to help understand the next steps if you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer

Providing the Best Personalized
Care for Breast Cancer Patients

As every patient and the cause behind their breast cancer is different, there can not be a single treatment that works for all. So, Dr. Jay Anam believes in personalized breast cancer treatment for all breast cancer patients based on their case, age, overall health, cause, stage, etc. A reputation as one of Mumbai’s top breast cancer doctors has been earned by the experienced doctors at Dr. Jay Anam Cancer Center. Here are some special reasons you can count on us:

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About Dr. Jay Rashmi Anam

Dr. Jay Anam is one of the best breast cancer surgeon in Mumbai, India. With expertise in breast cancer, he believes in world-class cancer care for all patients.

Dr. Jay Anam focuses on Breast Oncology, and his scope of work includes:

  • Breast Cancer surgeries, including Mastectomy, Breast Conservation Surgery, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Breast reconstruction–Oncoplasty to retain breast shape and size during the treatment of breast cancer.
  • Sentinel Node Biopsy to limit the extent of the node dissection in early breast cancers.
  • Sono-Guided and Wire- localized Breast Surgeries for screen-detected Breast Cancers.
  • Flap reconstructions for advanced Breast Cancers.
  • Aesthetic Breast Surgery for benign breast tumours.

Patient Treated By Dr. Jay Anam

People heavily rely on reviews from other patients when choosing a healthcare provider

Dr. Jay Anam is a warm, kind, sympathetic, and brilliant doctor who handles his patients with dignity and respect, in my opinion. He has an incredible talent for motivating his patients and inspiring them to give more than 100% confidence. "Ruma, enjoy this voyage and you will be OK!" he said, and I still remember his words. These words have struck a chord in my heart throughout my wellness voyage, and I am a warrior. Dr. Jay Anam comes across as a terrific friend, and he makes you feel at ease throughout the procedure as if you've known him for years. He is forthcoming and available 24/7 for any queries.

Ruma Chatterjee

Our Patients

I got operated in Nov 2021. The word cancer can be so daunting and brings loads of stress in a patient's life. But i was fortunate that I met the right surgeon - Dr Jay Anam, post meeting him was relaxed and knew I am in safe hands. He explained the surgery in minute detail and patiently answered all my queries. Post surgery outcome was also discussed and nothing was left to guessing. He was on time for the surgery and i have to admit that the cuts and scars are minimal and it was a very clean n neatly done job. Post surgery he was always available on phone for any issue I faced. Post surgery follow up visit was also handled professionally.

Priya Shah

Our Patients

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